Choose from our Two Versions:

  • The Bariatric Version is specifically designed for bariatric clients. If you have had bariatric surgery or are preparing to have bariatric surgery, this program will be perfect for you as you have very specific nutritional guidelines.

    The Non-bariatric Version is specifically designed for anyone who has 30 or more pounds to shed and is ready to let go of the extra weight.

    This Program Includes:

    1. The Mind Over Eating Video program (12 courses, which includes 41 videos): Valued at $597
    2. The Mind Over Eating Daily Application Manual/Workbook in PDF: Valued at $34.97
    3. The Online MOE Program Tracker: Valued at $197
    4. The Motivational Partners Messaging System: Valued at $97
    5. The Meditation vault: Valued at $97

    This life-changing package that helps you achieve your dreams in every area of your life is valued at $1,022.97,
    but we are selling it now for $297.00

    Important: Be sure to read the systems requirements page and apply it, so the Mind Over Eating program will work properly on your computer.

    Saving of $27
    For 12 Months
  • Business and Corporate Users

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    More Information

    Choosing a Wellness Partner.

    In today's fast paced world, it is essential to help individuals achieve a well-balanced healthy routine that can be applied easily to any lifestyle. With the increasing cost of healthcare, combined with rising obesity rates it is important to integrate a wellness program as part of a strategic business model. Implementing a well-rounded wellness program can improve the profitability of your business at all levels. Below is a sampling of the various benefits it can lend to your business.

    For Corporations
    Increased productivity
    Decreased healthcare costs
    Increased retention

    For Bariatric Centers
    Maximized patient success rate
    Increased patient retention
    Supports comprehensive wellness philosophy

    Our Living Fulfilled Commitment.

    Our customized approach and technology facilitates seamless integration into your business model or into your existing programs and services while aligning with your overall brand and corporate philosophy. Our end user capabilities utilize a state-of-the-art, web-based interactive virtual training system that allows for individualized training.

    The ROI of Mind Over Eating.

    The following are proven results that attest to how the Mind Over Eating Program effectively benefits your business:

    Minami, S., Montesa, F., Person, K., Santos, S., Schneider, A., Taillon, L., Javaherian-Dysinger, H., & Huecker, E. (2011). A Study of Mind Over Eating®: Exploring Behavior Changes and Trends. Research Monograph. Department of Occupational Therapy, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA.

    "The Mind Over Eating Program has allowed us to further our commitment in providing bariatric patients with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that optimizes their long-term weight loss success. After bariatric surgery, many patients are left to handle their new journey on their own. This program increases our patients' success by providing them with tools that help them effectively navigate the three essential pillars of lifestyle change: behavior modification, nutrition and exercise. Since implementing the Mind Over Eating Program into our practice, most patients lost a combined 5-10% total body weight prior to having surgery."
    James D. Atkinson, M.D., FACS,
    Medical Director,
    Gastric Band Institute of Las Vegas, NV

    "The Mind Over Eating Program's comprehensive approach to nutrition, behavior change, and mind + body connection support our corporate philosophy of healthy living. It is a perfect fit for our bariatric program, providing easy implementation while maximizing success rates for long-term weight loss, and reducing the cost of obesity-related chronic illnesses, for both our company and our employees."
    Shana Wiley,
    Employee Benefits & Communications,
    Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.

    "Mind Over Eating® is the most practical approach I have seen to adjusting our base for sustained lifestyle change. This is a resource that will not only assist in changing our behaviors but will serve as a resource as we engage in the constant process of self- care and improvement."
    Dr. Wayne Dysinger,
    Dept Chair of the Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University and President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine